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10 Gadgets for a Warm Winter

Face it: last year’s strategy of simply denying the existence of winter by keeping a foldout chart of global-warming trends in your back pocket was... less than successful. You might even say it was insane, now that you’ve gotten a little bit of perspective on the whole thing. But we get it. We completely understand the instincts. It’s cold out there, and that is unpleasant to even contemplate. Especially now that your best sledding days are well behind you.

But you don’t have to just sit back and let winter reduce you to frozen tears. You can fight back. You can wield all the power of technology and fire and electricity to show the cold weather who’s boss. (You. You are the boss of winter.)

What we’re getting at here is... a number of wonderful and ingenious things have been invented recently—things that make it seem like you’re living in a tropical paradise all the time. And sure, some of them might make you look a little ridiculous. But that’s what makes you a pioneer. You’re the one willing to take these risks so that all of us might remain snuggly during the bitter brumal months. So behold: the 10 greatest gadgets for keeping you warm this winter...

“There’s no need for you to be cold. Ever.”

It’s cold out there. But you don’t have to just sit back and let winter reduce you to frozen tears. Fight back with the 10 greatest gadgets for keeping you warm this winter...

Stay warm with original gadgets
Stay warm with original gadgets

We’re keeping it Paleo with this one—a freestanding, easy-to-transport glass fireplace that runs on ethanol. If it’s good enough to power cars...

These are exactly what they sound like. They’re technically supposed to be for weight loss. But desperate times and all that.

You’ll control this thermostat from your smartphone. Because right after the scourge of being two degrees colder than comfortable is the scourge of getting up.

Shipping containers are boring. They should all be converted into backyard wood-burning saunas with iPod and electric-guitar jacks. Like this one was.

This stove will burn just about anything that’s dry, which should prove useful during any camping excursions this winter. It’ll also make pancakes, so there’s that.

How you ever got through a day without having your pajamas preheated by this electric pouch, we’ll never know. And we don’t want to.

When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary to trudge a few blocks through snow, you’ll want these wirelessly controlled, battery-powered shoe insoles.

You knew there’d be a hot tub. And, oh boy, there’s a hot tub. It’s a wood-burning hot tub. You’ll never have a better time being a part of a stew preparation.

For argument’s sake, let’s say you go on a polar research mission this year. That’ll require a computer. And this heated mouse. Look who’s the most popular researcher in the poles.

When all else fails, try a jacket. A really handsome, advanced-insulation-filled, superthin anorak one from the cold-weather masters at Aether. That’s how the saying goes.



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