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5 Gadgets to Help You Beat the Heat

It’s hot out there. Damn hot. Which is why we’ve employed a crack team of experts, researchers and other smart-looking people—they had glasses, lab coats, beakers and everything—whose sole purpose in life is to find the most ingenious gadgets, gizmos and whirligigs to help keep you and your favorite people cool.

And, well, let’s just say they did their job. In fact, their discoveries might be the most important (also: only) research you read all summer. Their findings include: 1) The existence of fans powered solely by USB, meaning your computer is now the next best thing to a personal palm frond butler. 2) Some handsome nests (yep, nests) for your ice cubes—to keep your preferred beverages cold, without watering them down. (After all, you’re not a savage.) 3) A hat specially designed to drip ice-cold cooling water on your head while you endure a humid hike, a humid campsite or just plain any level of humidity. (And, to be perfectly candid: while you endure wearing a hat that looks like something Larry the Cable Guy might endorse. But hey: ice-cold cooling water, dripping directly on your head.) Oh, and 4) a rarely-seen-in-the-wild shower that you can carry in your backpack. (We’ve always said the best showers are showers on the go.)

To put it another way: our researchers worked up a sweat so you don’t have to. You’ll find the results from their groundbreaking research below...

"It's hot out there.
Damn hot."

You will never be overheated again. Okay, maybe not never. But still.

Piet Hein Super-Egg
Piet Hein Super-Egg

This is pretty simple: you plug this thing into your computer, and cool air washes all over you. Great for the home, great for the office. Maybe not so great for when you’re finishing up some PowerPoints on a plane.

A shower that fits in a backpack. That’s what you have here. A handy way to clean off and cool down when you’re camping or at the beach. Or anywhere else it gets really hot and doesn’t have plumbing.

Staying cool is pointless if your favorite iced beverage is all warm and/or watery. Your move: this crazy ice container thingy. Put some ice in, put the Super-Egg (really, it’s called a Super-Egg) inside your beverage and thank the Germans. That’s who made this thing, by the way: the Germans. Of course they did.

The beach. A campground. Death Valley. All have two things in common: they can get really hot in the summer, and they’re all woefully short on outlets. That’s where this guy comes in: you crank it, and it blows out cold, refreshing air. Which you’ll probably need after cranking this thing in the heat. (It also uses batteries.)

Let’s start with what this hat is not: super-attractive. Now let’s move on to what this hat is: made by a company that supplies the military and Olympic athletes. As for what it does: you run it under cold water, you wring it out, you put on the cap, you stay cool. And if you’re in a position to need this, you’re probably not worried about looking sharp anyhow.



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