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5 Records That Shaped My Sound

He’s a favourite of Flume, creates a live sound with an MPC, micro-Korg and drum-pad that evokes “tropical beats and R&B inspired jams”, and his earworm of a debut single Hold Me with UK duo Youth is all set to make a lot of noise on the radio.

We picked 21-year-old Ned East AKA Kilter as one of The New Breed Of 2013: Local Producers To Watch last year, saying that while the Flume comparisons might be inevitable, there’s nothing “unflattering about being likened to Australia’s golden boy of breakthrough electronic music of the past year, especially when both producers share a friendship and working relationship – Flume remixed Kilter pre-hype overdrive.”

So with his distinctive sound and illustrious peers in mind, we nabbed some time with Kilter before he headed off on a two-month tour all around the country to find out the five key records that were instrumental in developing his sound.

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“Of all the artists I listen to, without a doubt Jamie xx has been the most influential.”

I love the contrast he creates between the fluttery melodies and chords and the driving drum beats and bass lines.

Interview with Ned East
Interview with Ned East

I know this is cheating but this mix is where it all started for me. I first heard Hudson Mohawke doing a guest mix for (Sydney’s) FBi Radio before he toured in ’09. Almost four years on and I still know this track selection like the back of my hand. The wonky beats, RNB/rap samples and just pure uniqueness of the music captured me from first listen. It also led me to discover so many amazing artists who were relatively unknown at the time such as Dorian Concept, Mike Slott, Dam Funk and Rustie.

Dizz1 was one of the very first local ‘beat’ artists that I was listening to back in 2009/10. I actually had my first club experience seeing him play with Gaslamp Killer at Civic on my 18th birthday! While his sound is pretty far from what I make, his 3rd Time Lucky EP opened my ears up to a style that I had never really explored before and would lead me to start producing my own music. This track in particular is an exercise in restraint, as different elements are slowly added and removed to create an absolute burner of a track.

Star Slinger is one of those super active producers who put out so much music it is hard to keep up with them as a listener. This remix is a gem amongst a catalogue of ridiculously good tunes. Sitting nicely at 130BPM, Star Slinger creates an interesting half-time/double time feel by switching up the drum programming. The intro and verses have a real nice hip hop/trap vibe which contrasts amazingly with the driving house beat of the chorus. The energy created in this change is something that I have explored throughout my music, particularly on Hold Me.

This track is from a super incognito producer, all I know about him is that he is just 18 years old and based out of Leeds, UK. His music, which he tags as future bass, is hyper tropical house music with amazing sparkly synths, lush vocal cuts and very unique garage-influenced bass sounds. I love the contrast he creates between the fluttery melodies and chords and the driving drum beats and bass lines. These sounds were a huge influence on my remix of Ben Pearce’s What I Might Do.

“Of all the artists I listen to, without a doubt Jamie xx has been the most influential. This amazing track has never seen a proper release and only exists as radio rips but it is so damn good. There are a couple of different instrumental versions bouncing around (one ripped from FBi Radio) but the best is from his performance at a Boiler Room show with Yasmin on vocals. Jamie’s use of steel drums, tropical percussion and unconventional rhythms has had a huge influence on both my music and my live show where I have adapted a song to have a full blown steel drum solo in it.”



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Article by Nick Jarvis of inthemix for Stoli Australia



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