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8 Artists to Follow on Instagram

There are over 45 million images uploaded to Instagram each day by its 130 million monthly users and while most of them are probably of babies and cupcakes, many artists are now using the app for artistic good.

While some artists prefer to use Instagram as a means to share their work with the world, others are using the app to actually create art and with Instagram having just introduced video functionality the options for creative expression are now endless. From Brazilian twins Os Gêmeos with their unique brand of street graffiti to an artist who uses the state-of-the-art program that is MS Pain to recreate the world’s most notable masterpieces, Instagram has become an essential tool for modern day artists.

Not only does Instagram offer artists another creative outlet that allows fans to pull back the curtain and see the world through their eyes, it’s also an important marketing tool and an alternative to what can often be the expensive exercise of hosting an exhibition. So if you’re looking for something more inspiring in your feed than what your masterchef friend cooked for dinner last night, here’s 8 of the coolest artists to follow on the gram. Who know’s you might even be inspired to create some Insta-art of your own.

Instagram has become an essential tool for modern day artists.

Followers: 130,090
Who: Os Gêmeos (which is Portuguese for The Twins) are identical twin brothers who helped put Brazilian street art on the map and have been making their make on the graffiti world for over 25 years.


Followers: 355  
Who: Paige uses the mobile equivalent of MS Paint to recreate iconic works of art. From Van Gogh to Warhol, no one is spared.


Followers:  183,730  
Who: Quoted describing the streets as "the largest art gallery in the world”, JR is one of the world’s most prolific street artists. Best known for snapping photos of unidentified subjects and plastering their face onto large urban surfaces, JR was awarded the 2011 TED prize for his work.


Followers:  10,012  
Who: Proving that crochet isn’t just for your Nanna, Polish born, New York based Olek has made the craft cool again. There is nothing she won’t crochet.


Followers:  34,529  
Who: He’s mate with Pharrell and Kanye and has been featured in the New York Times more times than most. New York based sculptor/set designer/performance artist Daniel Arsham is one influential dude.


Followers:  50,510  
Who: Using just his iPhone, Kevin Russ is constantly on the road uploading breathtaking scenic shots of his travels around America and beyond.


Followers:  28,487  
Who: Founded by husband and wife Scien and Klor in 1992 this French born now Canadian based Graffiti crew have produced work for the likes of Nike, Adidas, Sony and more and exhibited in almost every major capital in the world.


Followers:  805  
Who: Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil Sandra S has an eye for the finer, more delicate details of street art.




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