Original International DJ

A New Kind of Electronic Music

RJD2's Original tracks and samples are pushing electronic music to new sonic horizons. Get an inside tour of the DJ's studio as he lays down his next cut.

RJD2 started DJing in 1993 with a pair of turntables bought from a friend. He began his music career as the role of DJ in the Columbus, Ohio rap group MHz. He later signed to Bobbito Garcia's Fondle 'Em label, releasing the self-proclaimed "mix CD" Your Face Or Your Kneecaps. A year later he released his solo debut album Deadringer to much acclaim. The innovative producer’s 10-year career reached a marked turning point in 2009 after he scored A Beautiful Mine, the popular theme to the hit AMC television series Mad Men. Soon after in 2010, he dropped The Colossus - the first album to be released on his own label.

" the heart of it I like to look for stuff that I like. And I've just got to let it go in terms of what's popular and what's not and what people are paying attention to and what they aren't."


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Article by Stoli USA

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