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A Few Tools for Winning Pool Season

Every once in a while, something called “summer” happens. And every once in a while, something called “pool season” happens right along with it. And you know what they say about pool season. It’s... great. But if you play your cards right, there’s a brave new world of aquatic glory out there just begging to be pioneered. Sure, you could always just sit on a lounge chair, thumb through an article about the migratory patterns of the African Gentoo penguin (or, you know, some other article) and while away the afternoon hours. But we guess what we’re trying to say is... you should probably be better than that. At the very least, float around on a giant inflatable swan and wave at people like you just won something. Or listen to “Hot Fun in the Summertime” by Sly and the Family Stone (optional, but highly recommended) out of a bombproof speaker. Or hang a high-design cocoon-hammock over the pool for no other reason than the fact that you can. And on that note, you can. So go ahead and take a look at that list down there. It’s just a few little somethings to help you win at pooling this summer. Which, according to our research, is a lot better than losing at pooling this summer...

"You know what they say about pool season. It's…great."

Here now: just a few little somethings to help you win at pooling this summer.

Waterproof Pool Table
Waterproof Pool Table

What you’re working with here: a water-resisting, shock-absorbing, poolside-show-stealing... okay, it’s a Bluetooth speaker. But it’s a really nice one.

When it’s hot out, you drink cold things. And when you drink cold things, you like them to stay cold. Well, these stainless-steel cups are specifically designed to keep ice from melting, so...

It’s pretty simple, really. It’s just an inappropriately nice pool table that was engineered to withstand the elements. Yes, all of them.

In a word: ridiculous. In a few more words: it’s a 75-inch-long swan. That floats. And wants you to float with it. So, the good kind of ridiculous.

Picture a hammock. Now picture a hammock that looks like a design-y cocoon created in Paris by a couple of leisure-specific mad scientists. That’s this.


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