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A Kid Kenobi Mixtape

Jesse Desenberg (AKA Kid Kenobi) is one of the true originators – and stayers – in Australian electronic music. From his salad days as the breakbeat wunderkind who topped the inthemix Top 50 poll for four years running from 2003 through to 2006 (all while earning a reputation as one of the nicest dudes in the business) to 2013, when the artist otherwise known as Jesse or Too Fresh has carved out a broad sonic niche from deep house and techno to monster EDM party jams.

With Desenberg about to return to his early house and breakbeat days for the reunion of Sydney’s celebrated mid-00s Sunday session After Ours, we asked him to make us a playlist comparing the tunes that he’d drop regularly back in 2001 with the tunes making it into his DJ sets today.

“I've always loved reggae so this tune was a win for me.”

Set your watches to flashback and your volume levels to “Chooooooon!”

Kid Kenobi - Australian electronic music
Kid Kenobi - Australian electronic music
(2001) ‘Superstylin’ – Groove Armada

“This was such a big tune. Listening to it now it really demonstrates how much has changed. This wasn’t a ‘banger’ by today’s standards but people used to lose their s**t over it. I’ve always loved reggae too so this tune was a double win for me as well as being a real anthem”

(2013) ‘Booyah’ – Showtek ft. We Are Loud & Sonny Wilson

“This track took me a little while to get used to i.e. the synths are so in your face (hardstyle). But it’s been a while since I heard a good cross-over dub and reggae club track like this and I’m a sucker for it. Plus when you see the reaction this gets you kinda forget it took a while to get used to in the first place, ha! Oh and that drum’n’bass/dubstep breakdown made it impossible for me to ignore. I’d actually love to do a track like this with my old mate MC Shureshock!”

(2001) ‘Ill Type Sound’ – Krafty Kuts

“This was another anthem from back in the day. I grew up listening to early ‘90s hip hop so I was always more than keen to drop some party hip hop in my sets. Again, this is a good reflection of the fact that back in 2001 a lot of the music was very funk orientated and people used to get off on the party vibe, not just going ‘hard’.”

(2013) ‘How U Feelin’ – Pegboard Nerds

“Up until moombahton and glitch hop became popular in 2011 I wasn’t really finding much good mid tempo stuff (i.e. about 110 – 115 bpm). But since then it’s like going back in time as far as having a plethora of dope mid tempo tunes to draw from. This is one of my recent faves – obviously it’s a lot ‘harder’ than Ill Type Sound (due largely to the dubstep influence) but for me it’s in many ways a 2013 version of the mid tempo hip hop stuff I used to rock back in 2001.”

(2001) ‘Next Level’ – Ills

“A true breakbeat anthem! At the time this was like nothing I’d ever heard before. In fact it still sounds super fresh to me now! That bass is still so dope and Ills’ drums are always amazing! The other thing I loved about this tune is that it’s so ‘spacious’, it’s dreamy and floaty without being trancey. I think this kind of vibe gets overlooked a lot these days.”

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