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A Story About Unicorn Girl

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasures that you seek,” says Graeme Mulcahy quoting Joseph Campbell and raising his eyebrows in an amused way that looks like he has a secret he’d like to tell but is weighing up whether or not it would be appropriate.

Sitting at the head of the table, dressed in all-grey, buttoned high to his neck in a somewhat New Wave way, Graz (as he’s called), is deciding whether to share a “pretty crazy story” about his latest collection of frames.

It’s a Friday afternoon at RUSSH headquarters and he has a captive audience so this, as with most confessions, has come about with heavy encouragment. Exploring the glasses he has set out in front of him, we hand him a unique pair and ask how they were named. He settles somewhat awkwardly into his seat, aware of the giant cliché he’s about to deliver – and then almost apologetically shares: they were inspired by “a girl wearing glasses”. But as he says it, his dark eyes protest, silently ‘wait, this gets better’. And it does.

His story went a little something like this. Sitting in a café in Bondi almost 18 months ago, there was girl at a nearby table wearing some sunglasses that were very rare and Graz had not seen before. Being a purist and a student of his craft, he asked to look and photographed them from every angle. It wasn’t until he was handing the glasses back that he really noticed the girl who owned them and found himself a little struck by her but he handed them back and didn’t think of it until two days later when he saw her again, in a post office on the other side of town, somewhere he was unlikely to be. Within 48 hours he saw her again in another café in a completely different part of town. “I was like, ‘Woah, there’s that lady with the glasses again’. It came off almost instantly and enigmatic because of the status of the glasses being one that I’ve never seen and two the wearer made me slightly nervous,” he says. “And so this continued in the most obscure of places, banks, post offices, hardware stores, cafés, you know, social events or whatever.”

The gravitation continued for months and, for months, quite uncharacteristically, Graz couldn’t bring himself to talk to her. “The more I would see her, the more mysterious it would become, the more nervous I got.” It wasn’t meant to be though as he eventually went travelling and wrote it off as “oh well that was a funny thing”.

Then, almost 12 months after their first encounter, when he was back living in Sydney she reappeared – still wearing the glasses. “I would meet every Wednesday at a café at seven in the morning … And she started showing up at the exact time, 7:15 in the morning, only on Wednesdays, wearing the glasses, walk in, get her takeaway cup of coffee and then leave. It was complete, almost too perfect, it was almost like a movie that had decided to play out,” he says, somehow managing not to come across like a crazy stalker.

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“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasures that you seek.”


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