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An original flygirl

Rakia Reynolds is the epitome of having original style. This lady is also running things in Philadelphia and beyond. I mean, she does it all from representing Serena Williams and her clothing line to being the go-to PR person in town to being a wife and mother of 3! Rakia is somewhat of a super woman! Being that she is a fellow Philly 360 Creative Ambassador, I’ve gotten to know all about what Rakia brings to the table.

In 2008, Rakia launched her boutique public relations agency, Skai Blue Media. At the time, she was laid off from her tv production job and decided to start her own company. Five years later, she successfully offers numerous clients services such as marketing, business development, strategies and more. Her company also takes pride in helping clients prep for openings, genere press opportunities in regional and national publications for them and personally taking them to the next level.

Considering that this woman is the go to guru when it comes to style and originality, it's only natural that she would own some amazing original artwork and I wanted to see it! I recently was lucky enough to get a few minutes with my friend at her office – Skai Blue, located in Center City to have a quick chat about buying original art, what she's up to and who her favorite artists are.

“I love art that is multi- dimensional, mixed media, vibrant in color, and rich in textile.”


This image is a piece of artwork by Denise Fike. Rakia listed her as one of her favorite artists. She too is one my absolute favorites. Denise’s work is fresh, multi dimensional, beautiful and incredibly stylish.

Interview with Rakia Reynolds
Interview with Rakia Reynolds
Thanks for saving a few minutes for me to come by and catch up. Although I know the fabulousness in which is Rakia Reynolds, can you tell the people a little bit about who you are and what you do?

No problem! To sum it up - I'm a mom of 3, wife, entrepreneur, mentor, sister, constant dreamer, and ambitious woman.

I would add achiever to that as well with all of your success. Being an accomplished ambassador of fashion and style - how does that translate into your interest in original art and the pieces you buy?

I tend to gravitate towards pieces that reflect my personality and life. I love art that is multi- dimensional, mixed media, vibrant in color, and rich in textile.

When looking to purchase original art, where are your special places for finding those special one of a kind pieces?

I work with Rachel Zimmerman of to help me curate pieces and select pieces. I also attend local art shows and exhibits in Philadelphia to scope out Artists and purchase Art.

Philly has some of the most amazing Artists, past and present! I love the Art in here. It’s a perfect blend of color, design, texture and personality. Who are a few of your favorite artists?

Denise Fike, Andrea Pippins, and Barkley Hendricks.

They are definitely three of my favorites as well. We definitely have similar taste! Last question, what are you up to or have coming up that you'd like to let folks know about?

Gosh, everything! Between on camera appearances and new company launches, my schedule is on overdrive! You can catch me on Twitter, FB, Pinterest, LinkediN, and Instagram all under Rakia Reynolds.

Thanks Rakia !!

My pleasure !



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Article by Stacey Wilson



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