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Who knew that competitive live art could be such a party? Well, we did. Stoli ORGNL TV partnered with Secret Walls to host last night’s NYC installment of art battles, held downstairs at the Ace Hotel. The battle was between street artists Buff Monster and Jeremyville and ad agency creatives Matt Egan and Gian Galang. With 90 minutes on the clock, armed only with black SW special markers and black acrylic paint, the designers compete against each other by painting opposite sides of a giant white board.

It’s kind of like Fight Club in the sense that it’s only promoted through word of mouth and social media.

It's kind of like Fight Club in the sense that it's only promoted through word of mouth and social media.

Interview with Buff Monster and Jeremyville
Interview with Buff Monster and Jeremyville

The DJ got the crowd going as the battle kicked off. Bartenders were busy shaking up cocktails like the “Stoli Secret” — a not-so mysterious mix Stoli Citros, fresh  lime juice and ginger beer. Delish.

After an hour and a half of anticipation and speculation, Buff Monster and Jeremyville came out victorious. It was a great night and a testament to the fact that the pen is mightier than the sword. We caught up with the winning team just before the battle began to ask a few questions.

Are you nervous?

No, It’s just an average day at the office, you know? It’s more interesting to have a crowd. I think this is actually our first collaboration, but for us, we’re actually friends as well and we have a real friendship.

Do you have a game plan?

No. We don’t have a plan, no. We’re just going to improvise. But expect ice cream, and skulls, and I’m feeling some animals and clouds…

What would you like to tell ORGNL.TV for the record?

In about an hour and a half you’ll observe it all. It will be great hopefully. We’re going to keep you in suspense.

C’mon! Tell us something

Art isn’t easy! Art should be suspenseful.


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Stoli® Citros™ - 1 1/2 parts

Fresh Lime Juice - 1 part

Ginger Beer - 3 parts

Great cocktails start with responsible measuring.


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