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They say a man’s home is his kingdom. And never is that truer than when that man has the privilege of having that kingdom entirely to himself. When each square foot of his domicile has been meticulously put together and fashioned to his exacting specifications. When each painting on the wall and piece of well-loved furniture has been carefully mulled and handpicked. In short, when that home is a bachelor pad.

The bachelor pad is the single most important element of bachelor life. It’s where flirtatious nightcaps become breakfasts. It’s where some of the great philosophy of our time will be developed. It’s where pizza delivery guys build up college funds for their children. Basically, it’s where the magic happens, if you will. And you will. So we gather here today to make sure that your bachelor pad is the single most mind-blowingly impressive, sophisticated, seductive, universe-bettering piece of property ever seen or told of through legend. There’ll be places to sit, places to rest and places to store the good stuff. Not to mention all the bathtubs, vintage magazines and magazine racks for holding said vintage magazines you’ll need to complete the vibe. 

And also a dead bear.

“The bachelor pad is the single most important element of bachelor life.”

Places to sit, places to rest and places to keep the good stuff.

Magazines have a way of building up on you. So Unionmade’s got this handsome leather holder for your periodical literature.

.. And in that rack will be this vintage Playboy with Wheel of Fortune’s Vanna White on the cover. The ’80s were awesome.

This handsome cowhide chaise lounge is the right way to recline. Pairs well with a tumbler of scotch.

Showers are a given. Baths are a luxury. And bachelor pads are about nothing if not luxury. This stunning, table-like tub has space for a food tray. Now if someone would invent the bathtub bib.

Sleep. Lounging. Naptime. Other stuff. The bed is key. This bed is glorious. You’ll get the California king and the end-bench option. Because more bed is always better.

Let’s say you’ve got some company over. You coolly suggest a nightcap. You stroll over to this Edison-bulb-lit walnut bar. You mix. This has to happen.

Soccer at your place has proven costly and dangerous. Hence: the foosball table. This one’s cast iron and reclaimed hardwood. But as always, no spinning.

Built-in speakers, a wireless router for iPod and iPhone access, carbon-fiber tone arm. This is the Ferrari of record players. It might be more indispensible than the bed.

This Timothy Oulton leather sofa is a work of art. But one you can sit on. Which makes it far more useful than normal works of art.

Because it’s a bearskin rug, that’s why.



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