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Bloody Mary Tailgating Essentials

Tailgating. It is perhaps a grander pastime than football, baseball and miniature golf combined. You’ve got your friends; you’ve got your love of the team. When done correctly, it’s a perfect storm of camaraderie, fandom and majestic build-your-own-Bloody-Mary bars. When done incorrectly... well, let’s just keep focus on making sure that never happens.

All you need are the proper accoutrements for taking the world’s greatest late-morning pick-me-up to Olympus-like heights. More specifically, you’ll need a cooler, vodka and the highest-quality organic tomato juice you can get your hands on. But there is more, so very much more, you can bring to the game.

We are living in the golden age of breakfast-time beverages. You’ll want to take advantage of the great technological leaps mankind has made when it comes to rim salts, spice mixtures and drinking vessels. As such, your tailgating mission is to procure these items for your crew. Then welcome yourself and your beloved Bloody to the next level of parking-lot greatness. In fact, you may want to double up... With a spread like this, you’re bound to have a few attractive strangers crashing your party.


“Taking the world’s greatest late-morning pick-me-up to Olympus-like heights.”


There is more, so very much more, you can bring to the Bloody Mary game.

Mix this incredible-tasting concoction with your tomato juice and vodka, and leave your hot sauce, Worcestershire, et al at home.

It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like: the most-holy love child of a straw and a Slim Jim.

The unquestioned truism that bacon makes everything better is proven more true by this porky rimming salt.

All that bacon salt is making you hungry for... more salt. These peanuts will pair perfectly with your drink.

The thinking man’s approach to celery stalks: discard them, and use this tangy fruit instead.

Another delicious garnish, but this one pulls double duty: pour a little brine into your cocktail to up the spice factor.

Melty ice = an unforgivably watery Bloody. These silicone trays make fat cubes that will stay intact longer. 

All the red plastic cups in the world couldn’t broadcast tailgating dedication like this. 



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