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Former DMC world champion DJ Dopey and his long-time collaborator J-Tec are mix-masters who need no introduction to Toronto's hip hop heads and club dwellers. The two have worked together since way back in '93, when the pair met in high school. For the rest of you - consider this an introduction! This acclaimed duo, well known for rocking parties as part of the always on-point Turntable Monkz, here administer a beat-juggling beat-down that gets back to the roots of Toronto turntablism.

Starting off a whirlwind of a five minutes piece with a swelling organ and the unmistakable voice of Public Enemy's Chuck D (finish this sentence: "Once again back is the incredible…"), Turntable Monkz launch into a deep exploration of the hues, textures and tones of now classic hip hop (hear that Beastie Boys sample?) and its antecedents in R&B and funk to today's more synthesized club bangers, which integrate dancehall and other global influences in the hip hop diaspora. The crates of way back when are now digital and fit into the slender chassis of a laptop, but the enthusiasm for discovery and love of musical juxtaposition is one thing that remains constant as turntablism evolves.

“The crates of way back when are now digital and fit into the slender chassis of a laptop.”


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Article by Jay Watts

Director/Editor: Reza Dahya; DOP: James Hellyer; Producer: Rinku DasGupta



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