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Collecting original art can be an overwhelming idea. What to buy, where to buy it, how much to spend… The first piece of original art I purchased was at an event and it was being painted live then auctioned off at the end. It was an 8ft x 5ft piece on wood and I paid $75 — such a bargain! I’m an artist myself but until the internet came along, the only place to stumble upon new art was at various galleries or events in the city. And if you didn’t know about certain artists or even what your particular style was, it was hard to discover new works of art to admire or to purchase. Since the internet, a buyer's options are limitless. You are no longer limited and unaware. By a simple Google search you have a world of creative people at your fingertips.

A lot of times, people have the misconception that they cannot afford original art. And that notion alone stops them from even attempting. But the options are limitless when it comes to figuring out what art suits you as well as what you’ll have to pay for it. There are a number of ways to go about finding original, affordable artwork. From surfing the net to checking out vendors at various festivals to gallery hopping – there are no boundaries! One piece of advice when purchasing prints over originals – if you’re buying to collect, make sure it is a limited edition print. This means the artist only printed a specific number of them to sell and that is it – ever. This makes the piece more authentic.

“Since the internet, a buyer's options are limitless.”

Below you can find my top 5 places, spaces and tips to look search for affordable original art. Happy hunting!

1. Etsy

A website featuring tons of hand made art that you can browse through like art, jewelry, furniture and more. You can even narrow your search down to a specific location.

2. ArtStar

A website that was made specifically for the buyer on a budget. They only sell prints in limited editions and you can shop by artist, genre or color.

3. Spring/Summer Festivals

My favorite thing to do in the Spring and Summer is to visit the various festivals and outdoor artist markets to find original work for sale. You can always find great deals or negotiate one.

4. Deviant Art

This site is one of my favorites. Whether you’re looking for original work or fun reproductions on coasters, mugs and shirts – you can find all kinds of fun, amazing art posted daily by some really talented artists.

5. eBay

I love scrolling through eBay to see the various art that is up for bid or purchase. This is one place where you can definitely find a deal and it’s always fun to bid and win!



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