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The ABCs of Alphabet City

I’m a proud resident of the East Village (9th Street baby!), and for now, I have no desire to leave the hood. It’s taken me almost 4 years to figure out my spots, where I like to eat, my favorite stores and bars, and to be honest, I’ve become so friendly with my UPS and FedEx peeps – I don’t have the strength to re-establish those relationships elsewhere.

If you see me, say hello.

The Yale Breslin guide to the East Village

East Village Guide by Yale Breslin
East Village Guide by Yale Breslin
1. Veselka

This is one of my favorite places to eat. It’s a local spot that is open 24/7. From their pierogis to their killer chicken noodle soup, this is a spot I check out at least a few times a week. Also, I’m a sucker for a Diet Coke (from the fountain only – naturally), and these guys serve up one of the best in the city. Trust me, it’s a skill.

2. 9th Street Barber

For now, I always say I’m not fussy about my hair – it will grow back. Hence me saying ‘FOR NOW’ – I know that won’t always be the case. When I need a quick clean up or a haircut, I check out these guys – situated on 9th Street between 1st Avenue and Avenue A. Sometimes you have to wait, but there’s a quaint little bench outside that is perfect for people watching….just not in the winter.

3. Tompkins Square Park

We aren’t missing much in this city – everything is at our fingertips. But, when it comes to greenery – it’s fairly sparse. Luckily, I live right near a park…Tompkins Square Park. Any chance I get, I like to grab a soda, sit here, catch up on some phone calls, and enjoy the view. They say ‘take what you can get’ – and here, I’m a taker.

4. Takahachi

Run, don’t walk. This place has some of the best fresh fish I’ve had in the city. And, we’re lucky enough to have it in the East Village (there’s also a location in TriBeCa – but that’s for another time and place). Their sushi is top notch – and the crowd is even sexier.

5. The Upper Rust

I’m a creature of comfort, and I stick close to my block (in fact, leaving the neighborhood is something I usually have to contemplate). There’s this place called The Upper Rust that houses antiques and shabby chic accessories for the home. From vintage gas station numbers to vintage baseballs, this place has everything. Plus, when it’s Christmas Time, this is my go-to spot for gifts. Looks like the cat's out of the bag.

6. Juice Press

I start every day the same way – by ordering a ‘Guru’ from The Juice Press on 10th Street. Be warned, it’s costly (16 bones), but it’s filled with the most amazing things that help kickstart my day – coconut water and meat, whole blended apple, vegan dha omega oil, goji berries, banana, blueberry, hemp protein powder, and raw cacao topped with hemp seeds. YUM CITY.

7. The Cabin Down Below

Dark corners with alcohol = CABIN.

8. Northern Spy Company

I always play the game where I am responsible for choosing restaurants for my friends. I always fall short because I can’t think of a place to take them (which is shocking considering how many restaurants occupy this city). But, to keep it local, I usually like going to Northern Spy Company. It’s a quiet spot that doesn’t take reservations – but once you get inside and taste the food, you’ll realize why it’s the talk of the town….well, the East Village at least.

9. Tokyo 7

Truth be told, I’ve never actually purchased anything here (that I can remember at least), but I pop in every so often to check out their pre-loved designer goods. I’ve seen some great Michael Bastian blazers, Thom Brown suits and cardigans, and some incredible Givenchy numbers.

10. Butter Lane Cupcakes

I have a sweet tooth – after every meal (well, dinner mainly), I need something sweet – and I’m not talking fruit. I’m talking about cake, chocolate, and sugar here. The bad kind. Oh, and ice cream. Butter Lane Cupcakes on 7th Street does the trick – always. Hands down. No questions asked.



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