Xavier Gallego

Original Artist/Illustrator


Eyesores illustrations are sort of like potato chips — you can’t stop with one. These cartoon creatures are equal parts silly, sweet and sarcastic and will hook you with their charming simplicity until you’re totally addicted. Xavier Gallego is the man behind the monsters and his eyesores illustrations have grown a devoted following all over the world.

Gallego has been drawing since he was a child in Vic (a small town in Spain about an hour north of Barcelona) and now lives in NYC working as an experience designer/illustrator. We were lucky enough to chat with the artist to get the scoop on his style, his inspiration and his original story.

“People use my illustrations to flirt or just to laugh a little bit … being able to touch people’s lives is what motivates me.”

“Sometimes I am cute, sometimes I am spicy, sometimes I am chaotic… that's what makes it original, my creations are me.”

Interview with Xavier Gallego
Interview with Xavier Gallego
Tell us about the beginning of your career

I used to read comics and watch a lot of cartoons when I was a kid… I still do. The only thing that my parents had to do to make me happy was to give me a paper and a pencil and I could spend hours and hours drawing. I drew monsters, creatures…talking to each other, describing a little bit what was around me. I still do the same type of storytelling now. The only thing that has changed is the quality of my illustrations (I hope).

How has your career evolved since then?

It changed a lot in 2007 when I developed a Facebook app that allowed me to send my monsters to other people. What started as a test, turned in to a successful app that gained a huge following. It allowed me to travel around the world doing art shows, meeting people and creating things that I love.

What motivates you?

My daily life… falling in love, meeting new people or simply overhearing conversations inspire me to create. But I have been lucky to get really good feedback on the illustrations that I create. People use them to flirt with other people or just to laugh a little bit —one day a man contacted me on Facebook telling me that during hard times fighting against a cancer, my drawings were making him smile, I almost cried when I read that. Being able to touch people's lives with something that comes and it's 100% me… priceless.

What has been the most gratifying moment of your career?

The most gratifying moment of my career is the one I just told you but If I had to choose another one I will pick the time I traveled to Istanbul to meet some eyesores fans, the invitation came from a girl that I didn't know, never meet and never talked before. I accepted without blinking an eye. Not only did I meet someone really special on that trip, I also randomly ran into a girl at music show with an eyesore tattoo! I couldn't believe it. I was so nervous when I saw it that I couldn't even talk to the girl. Someone has something that I created on her skin… forever.

What makes your work original?

I guess a little bit what I was saying before… If you see my drawings you are getting to know me and almost follow my life, my illustrations are mostly an open journal that I share with the world. Sometimes I am cute, sometimes I am spicy, sometimes I am chaotic… that's what make sit original, my creations are me.

Xavier likes


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