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Faking the Veil

On a brisk early winter evening, movers & shakers from Canada’s fashion scene got together for an evening of couture and cocktails. 23 looks were presented in the spring preview by Greta Constantine, the Toronto-gone-global fashion line helmed by designers Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong that’s been steadily turning heads and winning hearts for the past few seasons. Foregoing the conventions of the average fashion show, the runway was set between two lengthy banquet tables, as a procession of models in floor-length gowns and bold wet-look hair passed by. The looks on display were bolder, more decadent creations with bright shocks of colour book-ended by pastel, pocketed sun-dresses at first, and some latter pieces that wouldn’t be out of place as nightclubwear for the transatlantic jetset of the late-70’s and early 80’s. While there were departures from the look of collections in years past, the one constant of the Greta Constantine look is a commitment to the expression of confidence and elegance through dress.

After a dinner and the runway show, the models assembled in a tableau vivant, presenting the SS2014 looks to the recently arrived after-party guests. The night ended like many memorable nights do – on the dancefloor.

“Greta Constantine is a Toronto-gone-global fashion line that’s been steadily turning heads and winning hearts for the past few seasons.”


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Article by Patricio Fergana for Stoli Australia

Photography by Jacknife Design



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