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World’s 10 best street style blogs

Street style blogs have become more than just an creative outlet for fashion-obsessed photographers (amateurs and professionals alike). In recent years, street style blogs have replaced magazines as the bible for the fashion conscious. The phononome has received critisism in recent times with fashion critic Suzy Menkes describing the blogger circut as “the celebrity circus of people who are famous for being famous. They are known mainly by their Facebook pages, their blogs and the fact that the street photographer Scott Schuman has immortalised them on his Sartorialist web site.” However, despite such criticism there’s no denying Street Style blogs play a huge role in creating and influencing fashion trends. The immediacy in which they’re published and the accessibility of the clothes they feature means they are often far more obtainable and relatable than glossy mags.

"In recent years, street style blogs have replaced magazines as the bible for the fashion conscious."

There’s an overwhelming number of blogs on the net so we’ve cut it down to just 10 of the most original that you need to know about.

Style Clicker is the street style baby of Gunnar Hameleh. Started in is home town of Munich on Christmas eve in 2006, Hameleh now travels Europe snapping the fashion savy and says his favorite part about being a street style photographer is discovering the way people express their creativity in their clothing.

Street Pepper was similarly started in 2006 by its creator Phil, after he got feed up with dead end jobs and a university career spent selling Beanie Babies out of his NYU dorm room. He now photographs across Europe, America, Australia and Asia and organises his blogposts into themes like ‘Backpacks,’ ‘Show Hair,’ and ‘Flares.’

Jak & Jil is the beautiful blog of Tommy Ton, a Canadian fashion photographer, also known for his coverage of Fashion Week for and regular contributions to GQ.

No list of street style blogs would be complete without a mention of Yvan Rodic, also known as the Facehunter. Since it’s conception in 2005, Swiss fashion photographer Rodic has contributed to editorial campaigns for brands such as Armani and Volvo in addition to publishing two books of his own.

Hel Looks was founded in 2005 and is a straight up and down gallery of the awesome, individual street style coming out of Helsinki.

Conceived in 2005 by Caroline Blomst and her partner Daniel Troyste, with the humble intention of photographing the elegant youth of Stockholm, Blomst’s blog continues to confirm Sweden’s capital as the home of effortlessly cool, quirky fashion 8 years on.

The intention of founder/blogger/photographer Scott Schuman was to create a two-way dialogue about the world of fashion and its relationship to daily life. In addition to being recognized as one of the most influential street style photographers, Schuman has works in the Victoria & Albert permanent collection and during 2009 Penguin published an anthology of his images.

One of our very own, Xssat is an Australian street style blog brought to you by Xiaohan Shen. Since beginning her blog in 2008, Shen has had works featured in Vogue Australia, Harpers Bazaar Australia and RUSSH and is considered Australia’s top street style blog.

Candice Lake had a prolific career as a model in New York before returning to Australia in 2005 to pursue a love of photography. 6 years later she started and in 2012 she was named blogger of the season by Net a Porter. She is a regular contributor to, Vogue Australia and Teen Vogue.

We The People was started in 2010 by photographer/blogger Jessie Bush. Based in London, Bush’s work has been featured in Harpers Bazaar, Grazia Australia and



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