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Toronto's DJ Illiment is one of the Greater Toronto area's quick wristed masters of beat control, a recent transplant to the city that's capable of deftly slicing and dicing contemporary rap and pop sounds, and overlaying it with manic scratching for all manner of unique head-nodding creations.

DJ Illiment spent 10 years honing his skills as the resident DJ at Van Gogh's Ear in Guelph, gradually moving to competitive turntablism and the legendarily fierce competitions. He earned an early 1st runner up at the Serato Showdown at 2006's Toronto DJ Festival, a 2007 KW DMC Eliminations found him in 3rd place, and tasted sweet victory in 2008 by clinching the Stylus Soundclash III Championship. In 2011, he had a particularly impressive showing at the Concert for Japan, becoming the DJ Battle Champion.

The wide variety of sample sources (La Roux, for example) is a testament to the level at which hip hop and rap production techniques have both integrated sounds and textures from a wide variety of genres and also become the lingua franca of modern popular music. DJ Illiment represents a new breed of club-friendly DJ that mixes a dancefloor sensibility with the deeper knowledge of the earlier generations.

“Capable of deftly slicing and dicing contemporary rap and pop sounds.”


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Article by Jay Watts

Director/Editor: Reza Dahya; DOP: James Hellyer; Producer: Rinku DasGupta



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