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Hayden James

One of taste-making label Future Classic’s newest signings, Hayden dropped his sublime five-track EP Permission to Love at the tail end of August. In the few weeks since, he’s been name-checked byFlume, taken the reins of triple j’s Mix-Up Exclusives, been added to the Listen Out line-up and clocked up almost half a million plays on his first tune, Permission to Love – which, it’s worth noting, only hit Soundcloud a few months ago. So with the hype machine in full force, we tracked Hayden down for a few questions.

“That being said, I wrote Permission to Love in a few hours and that was it.”

It feels good to have your own thing and do whatever you like!

Interview with Hayden James
Interview with Hayden James
How long did the EP take to make? Can you talk us through the production process?

I wrote the EP in a few months, but I spent another few producing and improving the tracks to get them how I wanted them to sound. Sometimes it’s hard to let go and say it’s finished.

I noticed you don’t have any remixes up on your Soundcloud – is remixing something that interests you or are you more focused on original productions at the moment?

I’m actually working on a few remixes right now. I’m pretty choosey… I won’t remix a track unless I pretty much hear something straight away. Remixing is a great way to try new styles/techniques I think. I’m excited to release some remixes soon!

Have you always worked alone? Is producing something you think is best done on one’s own?

I’ve written with a few people in the past but I’m really enjoying writing by myself at the moment. It feels good to have your own thing and do whatever you like! I would definitely not rule out working with someone in the future though.

Are you happy to classify yourself as sticking to a certain genre, or can being beholden to one sound be restrictive?

I am just happy writing whatever comes out, really! I would classify myself as an electronic artist but that’s as far as I would go. I feel that the EP shows a few different sides to my sound.

What’s coming for you for the rest of 2013?

I’m writing a lot right now and working on a few remixes which is keeping me busy. I’m also putting together a live show to debut in November. I’m also really excited to play Listen Out festival in Sydney!

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