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Interview with Cardiff's Bodhi

Interview with Cardiff's Bodhi

If you’ve heard their track Imperfection, you’ll know why we had to take a moment out to sing Bodhi’s praises. In the few weeks it’s been live, the tune has racked up over 290,000 plays and left a trail of head-over-heels Soundcloud comments in its wake – so you can rest assured that we’re not the only ones digging it.

So who are Bodhi? The project of Cardiff-bred 25-year-olds Olly Howells and Luke Welsby, Bodhi have been making music together for a couple of years now and they’ve just been picked up by Australian tastemakers Future Classic, making them labelmates with Flume, Jagwar Ma and co. We’re also happy to say that their debut EP on the label, Imperfection/No More, was given an official release on October 7, so you can get your hands on it now. With the future looking bright for Bodhi, we tracked the pair down for a few questions.

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“The turnaround for tracks really does depend… sometimes we can put tracks together in under 24 hours, other times it takes weeks.”

The approach we use to remixing other artists is different to writing original material.

How long have you guys been producing for? Is the Bodhi stuff the first work you’ve released, or have you worked under a new moniker before?

We have been producing roughly two years with no other aliases. Bodhi all the way!

Your track Imperfection has been getting a lot of love over here – how long did it take you to make? What’s a normal turnaround time on a track for you?

Yeah, we’re really happy with the way it’s gone down. I think we laid the general idea out in a few hours and spent a good few sessions getting it to where we wanted.

How did the Future Classic signing come about?

The FC guys got in touch with us firstly to remix Charles Murdoch, then asked us if we wanted to do an EP with them. So sent over a bunch of tracks and “the rest is history”, as they say. 

What’s coming up for you for the rest of 2013? Any plans to come to Australia?

We have the Future Classic EP due out this month as well as another EP due out December time, with lots of shows in and around them. We are very much hoping to get out there next year!



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