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Interview with Georgia Perry

Georgia Perry aka GPez, is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. She's a true-blue, one-of-a-kind, real-deal original, spreading colour and good vibes to everything she turns her hand/cursor to. We were pretty smitten with the top-notch postcard club she started, sprucing up letterboxes with postcards featuring one-off designs and hand-written messages.

You know the kid in school with the coolest pencil case full of the best textas, stickers and glitter? Well, she grew up, and now has what feels like a walk-in wardrobe-sized equivalent of that pencil case. Georgia kindly let us snoop around her work-from-home situation (the results of which you can see in our very colourful gallery above) and answered our nosy questions.

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“My work is how I express myself, and doing it makes me happy.”

“I'm someone who thrives on the people and the world around me, so sometimes its important to take a step back and just take it all in again.”

Interview with Georgia Perry
Interview with Georgia Perry
How would you describe your unique design/illustration style?

Simple, colourful, fun, always growing.

To me there's something so sunny and inviting about your work. Can you talk a little bit about how you approach things?

I don't like my work (or life) to be too serious. There's too much of that stuff going on in the world already. My work is how I express myself, and doing it makes me happyI think that inevitably comes through in the end product also.

I really loved the postcard club you did! Such a nice idea. What sparked that and how was the response?

I started the Postcard Club after I first went freelance full time (at the start of 2013) I wanted a project that had a clear, monthly routine in the hope it would give me something to do! Little did I know how busy this year would get, and now sometimes hand writing messages in 100+ postcards each month can be a bit of a nightmare! It's been so much fun though, and the response was awesome.

Did you gain any lifelong pen pals out of it?

Hmm not quite - the relationship is mostly pretty one sided! But I was so touched by people signing up their friends or kids - they must have thought it pretty weird when a postcard from this random stranger started turning up each month. I have received lots of lovely handmade cards and letters back from some of the younger participants though, which is super cute.

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