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Interview with KLP

Kristy Lee Peters, better known as KLP, made our list of 10 Local Producers to Watch in 2014, as well as this year’s EMC Spotlight for emerging artists, and it’s easy to see why. As a DJ, producer, and singer she’s had a great year: releasing her first EP, getting her songs played on the radio, and recently winning a competition on triple j Unearthed to join the line-up for Field Day. She’s been around for more than 12 months, though, and has a history that includes appearing as a vocalist on songs by Pnau and Tonite Only, and collaborating with producers like DCUP. We caught up with the busy Sydney talent in between performing at a corporate event and hanging out her washing (“Glamorous!” she says with a laugh).

Originally published on inthemix.

“So much has happened this year, when I look back on it.”

“You always think there’s someone else they’ll choose or they’re looking for something else but I was pleasantly surprised when they gave me a call.”

Interview with Kristy Lee Peters
Interview with Kristy Lee Peters
Have you done festivals before? Or has it all been club nights and corporate events for you?

No, I haven’t done festivals before. Field Day is gonna be my first festival. Corporate things, it’s fun to mix it up and not just be in a dirty club late at night all the time, it’s just nice.

Do you have favourite clubs around Sydney? Is there somewhere you’re always happy to play?

I think all the places I play I’m always happy to play at. I play the Beresford quite a bit. I’ve been playing ivy’s Pacha, which is always fun because it’s a big spectacle I guessthere are dancers and aerial artists and things going on while you’re playing. That’s always good. I love playing little parties, like there’s a party that happens in Newtown sometimes on a Wednesday called Girl Thing and it’s always fun as well. There’s lots of random little things.

How did you find out you’d won the triple j unearthed Field Day spot? Did they just send you an email?

No, they called me first and I was actually trying on a pair of shoes at the time when they called and I had the phone, when you balance it between your shoulder and your ear? I was so excited I went, “Oh my God, really?” and stood up, dropped the phone and hung up on them. I picked up the phone, was like, “Oh shit, I hope they call back! I hope they call back!” They did call back and explained it all. I was very excited.

It’s not a thing you have to enter is it, they just go through everyone on Unearthed and pick out a winner?

All the competitions, the way you enter is purely by having a song up there, just uploaded. I’d uploaded my songs quite a while ago I guess. You always think there’s someone else they’ll choose or they’re looking for something else but I was pleasantly surprised when they gave me a call.

Was ‘Down South’ the song that won you the competition?

I had, I think, two songs up there. They don’t really say the specific song that they based it on. The fact that you have to play like a half-a-hour set, I’m hoping that they think maybe you have more than just one good song! I’ve had a few up there, they’ve changed every now and then. I’m guessing they probably look at all of that and also other gigs you’ve done or other songs and make sure that you’re gonna be appropriate for it.

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