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Southern California is more than just beautiful weather and even more beautiful people. It’s about the true grit of Earth's elements, the mix of the Earth's composition surrounding you to the extreme. This is what the Iron & Resin team is all about. Started by a group of designers with strong roots in the region, Iron & Resin is a product of "'one-off' culture, where men still build, by their own hands, the craft they ride." The brand is all about the outdoors, using durable fabrics and techniques that keep their clothes looking good whether inside or outside. Durable clothes are not all that’s associated with Iron & Resin however; it’s also about having fun and enjoying the outdoors to the extreme, which is best seen through their video lookbook shot in the Baja desert. Not only does Thom Hill and the Iron & Resin team design for the outdoor experience, they live it; adventure by adventure. After launching their new video campaign, we got a chance to talk with Thom to get a closer look into the Iron & Resin brand and their inspiration behind the collection.

“Iron & Resin appeals to the rugged individualists among us.”

“While still images can capture a moment in time, video allows us to better capture the spontaneity and fun that we have doing what we do.”

Interview with Iron & Resin
Interview with Iron & Resin
What about Baja inspired you the most for your collection?

Baja has always been synonymous with adventure - whether it be exploring off-the-grid point breaks, or running the Baja 1000 across the coastal and desert wilderness of Baja. The more remote Northern Baja spots that are less accessible by car or truck are easily accessible by motorcycle. With just the essentials - surfboard, sleeping bag and a few spare motorcycle parts - the rugged northern Baja coastline is a willing participant in a quick sojourn south of the border and always good for a few stories afterwards.

Who is the target man for the collection?

Iron & Resin appeals to the rugged individualists among us. Those who aren't afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty and strike out for adventure. The collection is hand crafted right here in California and appeals to those who appreciate small batch, artisan crafted goods, with a style that is traditional and familiar, yet functional for the modern man.

Why do you choose to film your look books as opposed to the typical photography?

While still images can capture a moment in time, video allows us to better capture the spontaneity and fun that we have doing what we do. The brand is just an extension and representative of how we live our everyday lives. Having a camera along the way helps us share that with our customers and hopefully inspire others to get out and do some living.

What’s your most essential item for Summer?

Summer is all about board shorts. While our board shorts won't ever feature the latest 4-way stretch, super high techy fabric, they do bring some badly needed style back into the category, while still being very functional. Our new Sinclair reversible jacket is a must-have for Summer, whether aprés surf or on quick taco run on your motorbike.

What techniques do you use to keep your apparel durable for its outdoor use?

Our new waxed cotton collection, for example, is made with Martexin waxed canvas, which is a dense cotton canvas, impregnated with wax. Martexin has been making this fabric in the US since 1930. The fabric wears like armor and offers wind and moisture protection for the wearer. The wax can be re waxed and will provide years of use.

Where is your favorite outdoor place?

It's really, really hard to beat the central coast of California. From Ventura to Big Sur, there are so many opportunities to unplug and explore, whether in the ocean or the mountains. It really does have it all.

What sets your collection apart from others?

Other than the fact everything we do is made in the US, we focus on durable, quality construction in everything we do. Some people may consider our prices a bit higher than the mass produced, mid tier brands, but we feel strongly about buying something of quality once and making it last a long time. There is tremendous value in something that you'll be wearing for years to come. The line is purposely designed to be classic and timeless so whether you're buying a shirt or jacket or a pair of board shorts, you'll feel comfortable wearing them years from now.



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