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Welcome to a world where fasion, art and technology collide - this is Jake Stollery's digital playground and we aren't ready to leave it. The Melbourne based designer, whose talents span across print, web, illustration, photography, motion graphics, 3D animation and video production, is the original cyberpunk of digital art. Jake's work is a dusty sci-fi blend of futurism, pattern recognition and emerging media, exploring human identity in a digital landscape. The way Jake sees it, it’s a space where his inner-nerd meets his inner-artist. The results? Well, they speak for themselves. Two solo exhibitions later and after earning his stripes as the global 'Art' winner for ORGNL.TV in 2012 which saw him head over to to NYC to collaborate with artist Jermeyville, we got the chance to chat to the guy behind the techno-fusion.


“It all starts with an idea, whether it's from being inspired by something- music, fashion or even simply a colour.”


Jake credits the merging of his two passions, art and science, as the foundation for his original style of art.

When did you start experimenting with art?

I was quite late to the 'art' scene, however growing up I'd always experimented with various forms of digital creativity. I have primarily worked in fashion since university as a Graphic Artist and Textile Designer, however it was only two years ago that I had my first exhibition. I haven't looked back since!

You've found a niche in the world of digital and emerging media. What led you there?

I've always been passionate about technology — I'm a massive nerd — so the opportunity to merge my two passions, art and science, was far too compelling! It's just a matter of finding an idea that excites you, then working hard and putting in the hours to see it though. There is no substitute for effort and hard work!

Tell us abit about your creative process?

My creative process varies greatly, it depends upon what medium I'm working with, which I choose based upon what best communicates my message and theme. It all starts with an idea, whether it's from being inspired by something — music, fashion or even simply a colour. Just make sure you have an app in your phone to note these ideas down (I use Google Keep) as I've lost too many, thinking: 'this is such a brilliant idea, surely I'll never forget this!'. If you don't write it down, you will! Lessons learned.

You were the global 'Art' winner for ORGNL.TV 2012. Tell us about getting the chance to work with Jermeyville in NYC?

To this day, I'm still amazed and forever grateful to be selected for such a title. The chance to meet and spend time with Jermeyville was brilliant, he's a passionate person and I admire greatly him for all he has accomplished. Our works are polar opposites so it was invaluable to talk about the differing process and approach to creativity. New York was such an amazing learning experience and still to this day, I draw upon it for inspiration.

What's next for you?

Next I'll be continuing my exploration of 3D printing, I recently exhibited a mask design in a group show and I was thrilled with the results. So I'm going to make use of my background in 3D to continue exploring my ideas through industrial design and also jewellery. There are so many interesting possibilities to express one's self in the world right now, it's an exciting time to be alive!

Finally, what does originality mean to you?

To me, originality is telling your own story. No one else is like you, so don't be ashamed and don't hide that, use it as a unique lens and fearlessly share your perspective with the world.



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Article by Georgia Freney for Stoli Australia



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