ORGNL.TV Launch Party

Stoli sure knows how to throw a party…

Celebrating the launch of editorial channel ORGNL.TV in Australia, Stoli threw an official arrival party in the name of art, music, fashion, technology and taste. Original from the outset, the event was hosted in an underground warehouse in Sydney's Surry Hills, a location kept secret until the day of the event.

Over 300 guests were chauffeured in Uber Limos to Stoli's one night wonderland, descending the stairs to the venue decked with glowing red lighting, eclectic wall art and vintage furniture. Australian fashion label Limedrop gifted party-goers with limited edition accessories, designed exclusively for Stoli. Not a bad addition to the open bar treating everyone to the 5 original Stoli cocktails designed for the night.

“What can we say? Those who were there didn’t want to leave.”


The tastes on everyone's lips were in line with the ORGNL.TV categories:

Art - 'Minimilista' - Fresh mint, elderflower, soda and lime with Stolichnaya Premium Vodka

Fashion - 'Catwalker' - Sparkling pint grapefruit, fresh lime, Stolichnaya Premium Vodka served with a lavender sugar rim

Music - 'Kick Arse Mule' - Tabasco spike Capi ginger beer and a paprika salt rim with Stolichnaya Premium Vodka, served with a lime wedge

Tech - 'Open Saucy' - Pureed raspberry, fresh lime juice, Stolichnaya Premim Vodka,topped with a spritz of Capi Cranberry.

Taste - 'Tastemaker' - Pineapple and passionfruit, Aperol liqueur, fresh lime, and Stolichnaya Premium Vodka, garnished with a pineapple triangle

The night's entertainment highlighted some serious musical talent from artists Brendan Maclean, Softwar and Ariane, all set to the visually mind-bending backdrop that was the Petit Mort light show and the digital works of Jake Stollery, ORGNL.TV's 2012 global 'Art' winner. The burlesque stylings of one-of-a-kind Betty Grumble, trademark balloons present (and then not so present) had everyone letting loose and raising their (Stoli inscribed) glasses. What can we say? Those who were there didn't want to leave. The vibe was fun, quirky and totally original - a tribute to the content that is set to hit the channel.


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Article by Georgia Freney for Stoli Australia



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