Lucas Camargo

Original Artist/Illustrator

Untitled Army

The adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words” rings true when talking to Brazilian-born artist/illustrator Lucas Camargo. What he lacks in English vocabulary he makes up for in artistic fluency and raw talent. He speaks the universal language of art. Untitled Army is the art project Lucas created while working as an art director in San Paulo. And it’s cool to know that even in this era where everything seems to be retouched and digitized, Camargo prefers ink and canvas to computer screens and Wacom tablets.

“I love doing digital work but the connection with the ink, paper and canvas, etc. is unbeatable.”

“I just felt a need to do something besides the regular work... and I felt super inspired to express myself with a side project, so I created Untitled Army.”

Interview with Lucas Camargo
Interview with Lucas Camargo
Tell us a little about yourself, where did you grow up?

I am from Brazil and grew up in a small town called Novo Horizonte which means New Horizon. A very bucolic reality with farms and all the richness of Brazilian culture you can get. I spent 17 years there, and didn’t have much contact or thoughts on getting far from there. I’ve always loved illustration but being an artist in Brazil is harder than any other place. I started playing with caricatures in school and from there I started to participate in competitions. I've always had the support of my family. That support in the beginning was crucial to make me feel confident and look for more challenges.

Tell us about the beginning of your career

I went to the Design School in the city of Bauru which is a bigger city but still in the inner country. I was young and didn’t have too much knowledge about the whole “design” thing but college opened my creativity and introduced me to many new disciplines. I have always been a nerd regarding everything I love and I dove head first into varied techniques, art and philosophy.

How has your career evolved since then?

After four years working as a designer for the biggest stationery company in Brazil, I was hired as an art director at Saatchi&Saatchi in Sao Paulo— a HUGE city. At that point my career turned upside down and I was working in a super challenging environment, connected to creative people and having an opportunity to develop the worlds of ideas in my head. That change of places was key for all of the art that I do today. I just felt a need to do something besides the regular work. I got in touch with my friends Julio Zuckerman and Henrique Lima who worked with me and were doing a project called Mulheres Barbadas (Bearded Woman), and I felt super inspired to express myself with a side project too. So I created the Untitled Army and from that time it was a space where I could develop a style and I've been doing it in parallel since 2007. In 2010, I got the opportunity to move to NY to work at Ogilvy NY, "and without any skill in speaking English I jumped in this with my heart because I knew NYC was the kind of connected place I have always wanted to be part of."

What has been the most gratifying moment of your career?

I like every time I see someone seeing what I created. That is the most gratifying thing for me, that reaction is priceless.

Tell us about your process

I’m always trying out different mediums and techniques. Most of what I do now has real materials. I love doing digital work but the connection with the ink, paper and canvas, etc. is unbeatable. It always starts with a character. I like to explore weird combinations, old and new, East and West. Once I define the type of character I love to unload all kind of details. Now I am exploring weird combinations of Japanese masks and astronauts — it’s a classic example of the kind of mix I love to explore.

What distinguishes your point of view from others?

Myopic eyes behind wood frame glasses, about 1.82 meters from the ground being operated by a 1.5 Kg big bundle of nerve cells.

What makes you an original?

Being born at latitude 21 º 28'05 "south and longitude 49 º 13'15" west of this incredible world and not being done with that.


Lucas likes

Stoli® Cranberi™ Caipiroska

Stoli® Cranberi™ - 2 parts

Lime Wedges - 4

Simple Syrup (Or Agave Nectar) - 1 part

Great cocktails start with responsible measuring.


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