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Catching up with DJ Jazzy Jeff

Not many people get a chance to work with their idols.  But I am one of the lucky ones.  When I heard Jazzy Jeff as a kid, I KNEW deejaying is what I wanted to do.  Years later... after much hard work, I started to finally have a relevant career and happened to meet Jeff during WMC in Miami.  We became friends and eventually collaborators, releasing the now classic Summertime mixtape series.  This summer was Volume 4... and we have big plans for the landmark Volume 5 next year!

You can catch Jeff in a city near you soon, as he is essentially everywhere all the time! Or you can follow him on his original turntable journeys around the world and check out the latest episode of his video series, Vinyl Destinations

I recently caught up with Jeff to discuss a few things about him and his originality.  Enjoy!

“I don't listen to be a critic. I listen to enjoy...”


“When I heard Jazzy Jeff as a kid, I KNEW deejaying is what I wanted to do.” Mick

Interview with DJ Jazzy Jeff
Interview with DJ Jazzy Jeff
What makes you original ?

Wow... that's tough.  I think I'm a overall music lover. I don't listen to be a critic. I listen to enjoy.

You guys (Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith) were the original Grammy-award winning rappers. How did that feel back then ?

It was a love/hate feeling. We boycotted because they would not televise the hip hop portion and we had to make a stand for hip hop. However, I'm glad we won and we made up with the Grammys after that. (laughs)

You were, to me, the first known popular deejay rocking out on Serato. How did it feel to be an original in moving djing forward ?

Hahaha! Deejays would look at me like an alien until I did something to show them it really worked. I love technology. I'm a geek at heart!

What are 3 records you wish you could play out more but never get a chance ?

1. Raise it up by J. Dilla, 2. Africa by Toto, and 3. Here We Go by Portrait.

What's next for "The magnicent" DJ Jazzy Jeff ?

A UK tour into a Canadian tour into an Asia/Australia all before Xmas! Vinyl Destination in full effect!



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