Faces and Places

Mohamad Ghamlouch

Mohammad is a Lebanese world traveler and photographer chasing a dream of childhood, a journey that took him into places that otherwise, he would not have conceived in his extreme fantasies.

He had a camera in his hands since I was a kid. He was always interested in nature photography. A few years ago, he got more and more interested in portrait and travel photography, which allowed him to further develop his portfolio.

Being a telecom engineer did not prevent him from self-teaching the art of photography. At the contrary, He was lucky that his work gave him enough space and time to pursue his passion.

Wherever he goes, he tries to project his feelings of the scene and the faces and transmit them through his camera. Furthermore, he tells a story that goes sometimes beyond the subject itself.

Photography has taken him to different directions in this world, more than 60 cities and 20 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa, giving him a wider choice of scenes, cultures and adventures to explore.

He posted some of his work in local newspapers, contributed in some charity projects, and assisted in organizing photography trips around Lebanon.

“I take my photography passion with me everywhere I go to capture new faces and places around the world.”


Article by Najib Mitri for Stoli Lebanon

Photograhy by Mohamad Ghamlouch



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