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Join ORGNL.TV Editor Quentin Washington for a night of music, fashion and vodka at the Styled To Rock premiere party, sponsored by Vevo and Stoli at New York Fashion Week, Fall 2013. Hosted by supermodel and Styled to Rock mentor Erin Wasson, the event featured musical performances by Bridget Kelly and Cazette and fabulous guests including Bevy Smith, Tiki Barber, and Elle Varner.

See more on the performers and fashion on Vevo.

“Originality comes with a certain comfort level that's effortless and natural for your own personal taste.”

Quentin likes

Stoli® Classic Catwalk

Stoli® Ohranj™ - 2 parts

fresh-squeezed Orange Juice - 2 parts

Club soda - 1 part

Great cocktails start with responsible measuring.


Article by Quentin Washington

Videography by John Cafaro



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