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The 10 most unique apps right now

There’s an estimated 1,795,000 apps available on your mobile or tablet and while we’re familiar with the old classics such as Facebook and Instagram what about some of the more forward-thinking, bizarre and unique apps out there? There is literally an app for almost everything. Want to learn how to speak Gaelic? There’s an app for that. Ever crave the sensation and satisfaction of usng a stapler but can’t find one anywhere? There’s an app for that. There’s even an app that costs $130 that does absolutly nothing.

There’s an estimated 1,795,000 apps available on your mobile.

So dig out your iTunes pass word and top up your credit card because here’s a list of 10 of the best apps available on iOS and Android.

If you’ve recently got caught up in the craze and bought yourself a 3D printer then this app might come in handy. It allows you to create printable 3D designed on your iPad.
Available on iPad

Sure, you could use one of the ringtones built into your phone, or you could set your favourite track as ringtone, but what if you could create your own totally original ringtone. This app lets you do exactly that!
Available on Android

This is one of the most expensive app’s out there. What do you get for your $130? Absolutely nothing other than a icon on your screen to show off your wealth. We’ll take 3.
Available on Android (Apple banned the iOS version)

This cannot-live-without app shows you what your favourite pet would look like as a baby. Essential.
Available on iPhone and iPad

For anyone who finds using a stapler strangely satisfying.
Available on iPhone, iPad and Android

This app syncs and edits footage taken from you and your friend’s phones when you’re in the same place, creating a multi-angle movie of anything from a sporting event to a birthday party.
Available on iPhone, iPad and Android

Unlike other music recognition apps, this one has “singing and humming recognition” which means you don’t have to wait to hear the song on the radio or TV before you can find out what it’s called.
Available on iPhone, iPad and Android

Developed in conjunction NASA, this app not only has info on 40 different cloud species, it also turns CloudSpotting into a game by providing incentives for capturing pics of clouds. The information gathered by the app then goes to NASA to help them better understand and model climate change. Functional and fun!
Available on iPhone, iPad and Android

This truly original app lets you create both art and music with your fingertips but to try and explain exactly what it does would do the beauty of this app an injustice so just download it and try it yourself!
Available on iPhone & iPad

If you put aside the irony of using your mobile phone to help get you away from your mobile phone, this app can be quite useful for when you’re trying to get things done. It diverts calls to voicemail, holds texts and emails while still letting the important people get through to you.
Available on iPhone, iPad and Android



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