Nina Sky

Original Queens Duo

Your Favorite Twins

Nina Sky's ethereal beats and original style have defined an era of downtown cool, drawing influences from electronic dance music to hip-hop.

Nicole and Natalie Albino are identical twins and the musical duo, Nina Sky. Raised in Queens, New York, the twins were influenced by their DJ stepfather and Puerto Rico native, getting exposure to many different types of music. They wrote their first song by the age of seven. In 2004, they released their first single Move Ya Body which became a No.17 hit on the Top 40 chart in the US and quickly gained international popularity. The twins continue to work on music, contributing to various music genres, including the reggaeton movement with songs such as Oye Mi Canto and Más Maíz with artist and producer N.O.R.E.

"A lot of times people try to recreate what's playing on the radio, but that's not our goal."


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Article by Stoli USA

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