ITP Spring Show 2013

A World Of Pure Imagination

The energy inside the ITP 2013 Spring show at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts was electric. Let’s just say that students exhibiting work here are not waxing poetic about a time long ago when people answered a telephone by saying, “hello?” because they literally had no idea who was on the other end. ITP stands for Interactive Telecommunications Program. It’s a two-year graduate program that teaches students to explore, “the imaginative use of communications technologies and how they might augment, improve and bring delight into people’s lives.” Translation: we saw lots of cool stuff.

The ITP program has for years been at the forefront of digital exploration

ITP is a living community of technologists, theorists, engineers, designers, and artists uniquely dedicated to pushing the boundaries of interactivity in the real and digital worlds.

Projects and ideas in the exhibit were as unique and varied as the students themselves. There were interactive projects like the “Wooden Mirror” that reflects back anything in front of it and an “Ice Flow” that let the user speed up the process of global warming using their hands. There were artful efforts like “Tea Books,” a project to celebrate the serenity of Asian tea cultures. And there were projects that were out to change the game. Like The Kinograph, a machine that digitizes 35mm, 16mm or 8mm film at high definition resolutions with sound, making it affordable for the average person to digitize old home movies. And there was Stringwire, a personal broadcasting platform for live video that lets you shoot, request and direct live video from multiple angles. When this takes off we’ll all be able to executive produce our
own news. 

From designers and programmers to philosophers and artists, astounding creativity and innovation is what this scene was all about. Our thoughts? Hand us some sunglasses, this exhibit has the future looking so bright it was burning our eyes. 



Article by Stoli USA

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