Zadig Ounanian


Zadig Ounanian is a talented 19 year-old Lebanese painter. He was lucky enough to enroll in an art school as a child and he quickly fell in love with art. He enrolled in several courses and worked on 2 projects involving cubism.

Zadig first tried to stay away from drawing portraits as they were quite difficult and it wasn’t very common that they’d be challenged to draw a portrait in class, and after the incident of making a bad interpretation of a magazine model for a project, Zadiq ended up dropping out of art school only to take up reciting. At the time, he went into music and started discovering bands and musicians. He also became a concert addict, attending music festivals and sometimes meeting his idols in the music, which made Zadiq want to cherish these moments by getting the performers’ autographs. However, he went further than just printing posters of them and thought of using his drawing skills instead.

The first portrait he decided to draw wasn’t the easiest of them as he picked Gun N’ Roses’ Axel Rose. After relying on reading material to continuously self-improve his skills, Zadig was able to draw Ozzy Osbourne in a record time of 4 hours 15 minutes, and Bob Marley’s portrait in few hours time. Next on the list was his idol Slash with his Les Paul that took him almost 18 hours to complete. After having completed Slash, Zadig undertook his first ever colored portrait attempt, which was drawing a skull from the album cover art of Slash’s 2009 self-titled album.

“Passion is the most important aspect of any artist’s career and is truly reflected in his end products.”


Article by Najib Mitri for Stoli Lebanon

Photography by Zadig Ounanian



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