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Saturdays NYC in Australia

Who says there's no surf in New York City? Born from a desire to live the so-Cal lifestyle, the boys from Saturdays NYC have become the go-to Point Breakers in town. Born only four years ago, Saturdays (as the crew call it), is the leading summer lifestyle destination all year round. Not only do they have a successful street label that is sold at the likes of J.Crew and Incu, all four stores house a café (La Marzoccos only), stock artworks, books, decks - of the skating variety, and they've their own coffee blend. Besides running a totally original lifestyle emporium, the team make videos as well as produce their own magazine.

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“There is a great energy in Australia.”


Recently Down Under, the boys talk surfing and their collaboration with local boutique Incu.

Interview with Saturdays Surf NYC
Interview with Saturdays Surf NYC
Fill in the sentence. Our first surf at Bondi was…

Within an hour of landing, our friend Quentin Sale picked us up from the hotel and took us to Bondi. We surfed the south end right in front of Icebergs. So fun.

Other surfing experiences while here in Australia?

Was amazing. We were working a lot but we managed to surf everyday. We spent a few days relaxing in Byron which meant surfing a tonne.

Things that have surprised you?

How close Sydney is to the beach, how close the beach was to everything, how much people work out, how good a meat filled pie tastes.

Things you've seen that have inspired you?

There is a great energy in Australia. People are getting their work done and experience a very healthy life as well. Good food, great fitness time and cold beer.

Collaborations you're working on here?

Incu is our distribution partner in Australia. They have been amazing in helping us create an audience here. We are excited to grow our brand with them I think our two companies working together is something we have been and will continue to work on.

Best moment of the trip so far?

Going running on the cliffs after a good surf.

Three final words (to sum up the trip)?

Drink, eat, surf.



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Article by Russh for Stoli Australia

Photography by Ryan Brabazon



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