Summer Playlist

Swimming Pools Volume 1

Summer to me is about a chill, happy vibe.  Laid back music, airy sounds, mellow tones, soothing vocals.  For the last few years, I've been taking these sonic tendencies into the classic hip-hop / soul world with my friend Jazzy Jeff.  (Shameless plug: "Summertime 4" drops July 4!).  But this year, I'm adding something else to the aural mix.  A modern, updated, indie, nu-disco, twerk-n-b (lol) fresh soundtrack - perfect for those lazy summer afternoons at the pool.  You know, the time BEFORE the party really gets started.

That is the inspiration for this mix and it's title: "Swimming Pools Volume 1."  I hope you have as much enjoyment listening to the mix as I did making it! 

Get it here at first!

“Perfect for those lazy summer afternoons at the pool.”


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