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Sydney, we’re proud to say, has always been a fertile breeding ground for killer electronic talent. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that it’s where one of the hottest new names to come out of 2013, three-piecer The Nights, call home. With a Soundcloud that’s only a few months old and already a steady stream of bookings to their name, The Nights sure haven’t wasted any time kicking their career into gear. They’ve nailed the tunes on the first go, too: their debut EP After Hours – available through Bandcamp now – is some sublime stuff. With trio Rob Campbell, Thomas Marland and Walter Flamenco on the verge of big things, we caught up with The Nights to check in on how their year is tracking.

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“Most of the exciting music these days defies any kind of genre.”

“There’s a really exciting music scene in Australia at the moment, specifically artists who are doing their own thing, not caring about the ‘industry’ in its traditional sense.”

Interview with The Nights
Interview with The Nights
How did The Nights come together? Musically, what were you all doing before?

We met through Ableton Liveschool in Sydney, where Rob is currently running the ship. Rob and I had collaborated on a couple of tunes sporadically in 2012 just for fun, but then decided to step it up earlier this year in order to release our EP. Then Walter joined us soon after that to help bring a more live element to our music. His production and drumming skills were the perfect fit. 
Rob is the Ableton guru/live-mix man, and also a fantastic spoon player; Walter has been involved in music for years as a drummer and a DJ; and I’ve been in a few bands over the years whilst composing music for the odd indie film here and there.

There’s a few of you up on stage when you do gigs. How does the live show work? What roles do you each play?

Our current live show consists of: Walter on drums, Rob on Ableton/various MIDI controllers, and me on keys. The flexibility of our set-up allows us to improvise on-the-fly, which can be a lot of fun. For example, we have the capability to loop and mix certain samples from one track with another. The drums and keys can also be processed with live effects and looped through Ableton Live, allowing us to bounce ideas off each other and be able to remix in real-time.

It’s a lot of workpreparing the samples, live set, and the practice regime. Not to mention time consuming. Though it’s our reward to be able to perform these tracks live. It’s a lot of fun bringing these songs to life, rather than just pressing “play” here and there on a computer. Especially with the three of us on-stage, we get to feed off each other’s energy. Our aim is to make it as ‘live’ as possible in order to maintain a human element in our music. We’ve found that this is something that our audiences really appreciates and connects with.

Is there a specific genre you’d describe yourself as fitting, or are you not fussed on categorising your sound?

We don’t like to categorise music in genres. Most of the exciting music these days defies any kind of genre. For us there are only two types of music; good music, and… you can guess what the other type is!

What lessons have you learnt about the industry since starting out? Have there been any big learning curves?

There’s a really exciting music scene in Australia at the moment, specifically artists who are doing their own thing, not caring about the ‘industry’ in its traditional sense. It’s very refreshing, and people are taking notice. There are lots of really talented artists who are making better and better things each time. It’s very inspiring, and we feel lucky to be part of this amazing moment in time.

We’re learning so much every day. We released our EP as a “pay what you want” download on Bandcamp a few months ago, and I think that this model for independent musicians is brilliant. It’s worked out really well for us so far. There is also a sense of community on Bandcamp, which has allowed people from all around the world to connect with our music and get in touch with us, which has been really rad.

We had our EP mixed and mastered by Sameer Sengupta earlier this year. He made it exactly how we wanted it to sound, but also exceeded our expectations. You never realise how much work goes into a mix until you sit in with a pro-engineer on a mixing session. We learnt a lot about how to make a better mix ourselves from these sessions. It was incredible to see a master at work, and to ultimately hear our songs morph from sounding decent to great.

What’s coming up for you guys in the immediate future?

We’ve got a couple of exciting remixes in the works, as well as a few new tracks that we’re concurrently tweaking and mixing. We’re going away for a while to write new material in Decemberthe plan is to come back from that with some tracks finalised, energised and ready to play some shows. We can’t wait to go, and to share our new tracks with everyone.



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