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The Gear Your Home Bar Deserves

Bartending. It goes beyond its primary (and highly appreciated) role of simple drinks- delivery. At bars across the country, talented drinksmiths are hand-carving ice, shaking cocktails in hypnotizing rhythms and employing a litany of high-tech gadgetry. It’s certainly fun to watch, but with the level of home bar gear available these days, there’s no need to leave it all to the professionals.

Enter: you.

Because every good home bar needs a few staples. Like shaker tins. And muddlers. And bar spoons. But even those come in many forms, from the basic to the elaborately designed. And from there, you’ve got a whole catalog of glory to experiment with. We’re talking cocktail smokers, incredibly handsome vessels for infusing liquors and even home carbonation systems for making everything all bubbly. Throw them in a dapper bar bag and there it is: the perfect home bar kit.

So go forth. Collect these pieces over time, and soon enough, you’ll hold court like a pro. You’ll pour vodka over perfect ice spheres. Your martinis will be more martini-y. And your life will probably just generally get a lot better. Or at least have a lot more cocktails in it.


“Collect these pieces over time, and soon enough, you’ll hold court like a pro.”

In the world of shakers, there are the usual suspects, and then there are the incredibly handsome, Japanese-style three-piece shaker subjects. This is one of those.

This specialty cocktail shaker uses CO2 cartridges to directly pressurize your drinks. It’s so your Vodka Collins stays bubbly from top to bottom. Which is important. Which is also delicious. Which... anyway, you get it.

 Few things attract attention quite like billowing smoke. Fortunately, it’s just coming from your cocktail. Well, assuming you’ve got this handheld smoke gun.


An impossibly attractive, circular glass vessel for quickly infusing vodka with fruits, herbs and whatever else you stick inside of it. This may call for a turkey leg.

You’re going to need someplace to store all these new bar tools. This rugged leather bag is that place.

This thing transforms ice blocks into perfect spheres that look dashing in a rocks glass. Your vodka deserves this. You deserve this. We all deserve this.


It’s a tall bar spoon that gives you proper leverage for stirring your way to ice- cold cocktails. And it’s gold-plated. So there’s that.

What you’re working here: well... it’s a crystal-cut mixing glass. Because it’s probably best if you don’t mix cocktails in anything other than a crystal-cut mixing glass.

Just an incredibly sturdy muddler handmade from walnut, cherry and jatoba woods in Cornwall, NY. Or as it’s better known, muddler country.



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