There's a Gadget for That

Have you ever noticed there’s a kitchen tool for just about everything? Just like today’s smart phones, if there’s a job in the kitchen, there’s a gadget for that.

Want your fried eggs to look like a daisy? There’s a gadget for that.

Need a man to butter your corn on the cob? There’s a gadget for that.

Do you dream of perfectly proportioned slices of bananas? There’s a gadget for that.

So like anything in our consumer space, it’s a matter of weeding out the ridiculous wastes of money and figuring out which tools really work.

But what about taking it a step further? Let’s put some of these kitchen gadgets and tools to more productive use as you get set for a summer filled with entertaining. We’re not talking standard staples like citrus juicers, shakers or cocktail rimmers. We’re talking about simple gadgets repurposed for use behind the bar, and guaranteed to provide your party with extra punch.

Take this strawberry huller for example. Sure, removing strawberry stems is a job that can be done with a paring knife, but what if you are filling your strawberries with a jello shot concoction? Strawberries make a great edible vehicle for adult gelatin shots, and this strawberry huller carefully hollows out a strawberry without damaging the walls of the fruit. Try strawberry margarita or strawberry cheesecake jello shots!

Along the same lines: a cherry pitter. This comes in very handy if you need a large amount of fresh cherries for a recipe. But guess what? It also works wonders on olives. Use it to pit olives and then stuff them with things like almonds or blue cheese. Stuffed olives make great party snacks, and even better garnishes for dirty martinis or Bloody Marys.

And finally…jars. Mason jars and flip top bottles are great for storing homemade jams and syrups, but they are also great for infusing your own alcohol. Simply combine your favorite spirit with your favorite flavors….then seal, sit (for at least a week), and strain. Try combos like Watermelon-Mint, Lemon-Basil or Cinnamon Apple. Great for entertaining or giving away as gifts.

"’s a matter of weeding out the ridiculous wastes of money and figuring out which tools really work."


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