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Lovable Sydney moustache Touch Sensitive has been road-tripping across North America with Flume and (sometimes) Chet Faker the last few weeks, but he took a short break to email us an original mixtape for your brain holes. This is music for people who like driving, but also dancing – but never driving-dancing. That's just plain irresponsible. Presenting: original music for a road trip, glued together by Touch Sensitive. Don't worry, he didn't write the liner notes while driving.

“This is music for people who like driving, but also dancing.”

Listen to the mixtape on Thousands.

A road trip mixtape by Touch Sensitive
A road trip mixtape by Touch Sensitive
Lapalux – 'IAMSYS (Tape intro)'

This one, with its rewinding tape, is a bit like reversing out of the driveway at the beginning of a road trip. I first heard this when I saw Lapalux play at Vivid in Sydney. Harley (Flume) and I spent many a late night listening to the track trying to understand what he did, how he did it and, hardest of all, trying to play air snare (made harder still, because the timing is so rad).

Onra – 'My Comet'

This is another tune that got a good workout on the tour bus. As soon as I heard it I recognised the sample and being a fan of the original Malavasi/Petrus production I couldn't help but love it.

HNNY – 'Mys'

This is the first track that Pat Mahoney (LCD Soundsytem) dropped when I played with him at Boiler Room in NYC. To me it sounds like a Tatsuro Yamashita sample (he's often been referred to as the 'Japanese Beach Boy'). On some tracks Yamashita would sing the verse in Japanese and the chorus in English – 'Merry-Go-Round' is a classic example of this. I'd never heard of HNNY until now but I like what they've done here, and if by some chance the vocal isn't lifted from elsewhere it's even more impressive.

Ryan Paris – 'Dolce Vita'

This is a classic example of one of those tracks I've had in my collection since the beginning and never really got into, but now I'm obsessed. It sits on the pop side of Italo disco. The story goes that American disco records were too expensive to import, so local Italian producers made American-inspired disco and gave themselves English names so they'd blend in on the shelf. Some would go so far as to record all the rhythm tracks in Italy, then fly to New York and hire session vocalists like Jocelyn Brown and Luther Vandross to sing on them! That's cool, but I'm a sucker for an accent and some broken English.

Felix Da Housecat – 'Ready 2 Wear'

Tracks come and go from my iPhone, but this one always stays. I think this is what fashion sounds like. It came out towards the end of the electro-clash period.

Los Angeles TF – 'Magical Body'

This is serious Italo disco. I heard Magical Body for the first time as part of a series of Italo disco mixtapes by DMP that my cousin turned me onto. The original pressing is extremely rare and expensive, but Clone Records in Netherlands have reissued it.

Siriusmo – 'High Together'

I love Siriusmo because he doesn't take music seriously. It's just a hobby for him, but he's that good. Imagine if he put the paint brush down and made music full-time? Dance floors around the world would be so much better off. I love his sense of harmony and how he somehow manages to create suspense, fear and relief all at the same time. Just when you think we're doomed, a hint of positivity comes around.

Listen to the full mix tape and get the full tracklisting on Thousands.



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