4-Man Turntablism

Original Collaboration

We Will Rock You

The energetic pair of DJ Grouch and D-Scratch of Turnstylez Crew have been hanging out, working on music and mixing together since 1995. They're known as a gold-plated duo that's competed across the world in major turntable events, including an early career win at the ITF Western Hemisphere Team Championships in 1998 - and as performers in their own right. Says DJ Grouch, "D and I have a long history. We were bitter rivals for mad years. He beat me so many times, but I eventually beat him in 1995."

Thera-P and Riccachet from Sweet Touch Foundation are no slouches either - a pair of hard-working brothers (that go by the names Paul and Rick Calabiao when they're not onstage or in studio) that value showmanship and technique in equal measure. Their weekly live radio show "Stylistik Endeavours" is a must-listen on Friday nights for much of Toronto's hip hop community. According to the brothers, "Sweet Touch Foundation is about creating emotional listening experiences and making musical memories that last a lifetime."

Together, the quartet hit the decks to conjure up a truly bombastic scratched-out take on a stadium-rocking classic.

“D and I have a long history. We were bitter rivals for mad years.”


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Article by Jay Watts

Director/Editor: Reza Dahya; DOP: James Hellyer; Producer: Rinku DasGupta



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