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Sydney-sider Giselle Rosselli first came to us during 2010 as the formidable 19 year old songstress featured on Flight Facilities’ hit ‘Crave You’. Since then she has established herself as an ever alluring mainstay of both the Australian and international music scene. With a quiet confidence and distinctly original brand of folk-electronica that’s at times punctuated with ukuleles, bongos, cellos and other exotic instruments. In the past few year’s Giselle has had her music featured on the British TV series Skins, released her own debut album in 2011, worked with fellow Australian producers Seekae on their second album and was rightly touted as The Next Big Thing in the 2012 FBi 94.5 SMAC awards alongside the likes of The Preatures, Dro Carey, Palms and Caitlin Park. More recently, Giselle released her beautifully paired track Silk and invited DJs to create their own remixes of it to overwhelming response. 

Earlier this year Giselle escaped to one of Europe's most creative cities, Berlin and has since discovered a love of Moroccan music. This is where ORGNL.TV caught up with her.


“You end up working with some bizarre, unnatural sounds, challenging the effort of keeping things human.”

“Since being in Berline I discovered Gnawa. I’m going to Morocco next month, hopefully will bring back an instrument with me.”


Interview with Giselle Rosselli
Interview with Giselle Rosselli
What initially drew you to Berlin?

I guess Berlin seemed the less fancy of the European cities, a place that attracts genuine people, but still colourful enough to be a good place for creativity.

Has your music changed with the move?

I had to leave all my instruments behind when I flew over so I’ve been writing for the first time with a heavy reliance on software instruments and midi instead of recorded sound. This has actually been really interesting as you end up working with some bizarre, unnatural sounds but also challenging in the effort of keeping things “human” sounding. The vocals I guess help with that, plus my general style is still intact, only with a slight lean towards more synth-pop. Also since being here I discovered Gnawa, a type of Moroccan music, which has influenced my music quite a bit too. I’m going to Morocco next month, hopefully will bring back an instrument with me.

What city would you like to live in next and why?

New York is pretty damn amazing. Tokyo too. I feel I need to stop moving though as it takes me quite a bit of effort to make friends and every time I finally do I end up deciding to live somewhere else. It’s some sort of strange self-sabotage.

For many, 'Crave You' remains a relevant and still much played song. Has your relationship with the song changed?

It is quite a weird relationship that I have with 'Crave You', for one thing I am very grateful for the step-up it gave me but on the other, there is so much I would have done differently if I had known how the music industry worked when I wrote it at 19 years old.

Creatively, what’s next for you?

Get this album out in to the open, get a live show circling. And then, hopefully just keep developing as a producer until I’m an old lady.



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Article by Hannah Wolff for Stoli Australia



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