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Your 2014 Cultural Calendar

Every year, something amazing happens. Something that’s really a sight to behold, when you get right down to it. Something as amazing as a massive sphere of universal matter successfully completing a perfect rotation around a precisely temperate, exploding ball of gas so that life can be sustained.

It’s called... another year.

And in this upcoming year, the year of the horse, the year not a single dystopian movie you can think of takes place in—2014—anything is possible. Such is the nature of things that haven’t happened yet. We could finally see that surge of time-traveling DeLoreans we were all promised so many moons ago. There could be a spontaneous invasion of supermodel aliens from outer space. They might introduce a new color of M&M. The Cubs could win the World Series. All is possibility in 2014.

But to be sure, a series of culture-defining movies, criminally Grammy-snubbed albums, widely televised sporting events and addictive television shows will be loosed upon you and your fellow members of the public. So come with us on a journey of the mind. A journey of the heart and of the soul. A journey through a list of things we cannot wait for in 2014.

“A journey through a list of things we cannot wait for in 2014.”

2014: anything is possible. There could be a spontaneous invasion of supermodel aliens from outer space. The Cubs could win the World Series. A TV adaptation of Fargo could be good...

January: True Detective

An original HBO series with Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey as Louisiana homicide detectives. Goodbye, Sunday nights.

February 2: The Super Bowl Comes to NYC

Okay, technically Jersey. But still: it’s outside, and therefore the possibility of a Snow Bowl has never been greater.

February 7: The 2014 Winter Olympics

The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, the untethered glory that is speed-skating uniforms.

April 4: Dom Hemingway

Jude Law ditches his pretty-boy persona, playing a safecracker with one hell of an amazing mustache.

August 22: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Bruce Willis and Mickey Rourke are back... oh, and so is Jessica Alba and her presumably skimpy outfits.

November 7: Interstellar

Christopher Nolan’s first movie since The Dark Knight Rises. Probably best to get in line at the IMAX now.

TBD: Fargo

It’s easy to cringe when a beloved movie is made into a TV show, but Joel Coen is directing the pilot...

TBD: Watch the Throne 2

Jay-Z and Kanye West team up again to prove that two Everest-sized egos can fit on one record.

TBD/April: Mad Men

The final season of the groundbreaking series. Spoiler alert: Roger will drink a martini at some point.

TBD: Untitled U2 Album

Apparently, Bono and the boys have been working with ace producer Danger Mouse. Probably working on something “Crazy.” (Sorry.)



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