Raising the Bar

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The All-Time Best Fake Bars

The right bar can be a sacred place.

It can be a place where everyone knows your name. It can be a place where your dad met your mother. It can be so many things. 

Especially when it’s on the big (or sometimes small) screen.

More than likely, whenever you imagine the ideal bar setting, it’s probably a lot like the one frequented by the characters of your favorite show or movie. And we’ve compiled the most stylish of the bunch.

You know, like the kind of smoky, expat piano bar Humphrey Bogart might own. Or the neighborhood joint that manages to sum up a city’s entire demographic via about six bar stools. Sure, those two bars might not seem very similar at the outset, but each of them has a stylishness of its own—one that basically serves as another character in the story. Or in some cases, plays the main character. (Yes, we’re looking at a little Boston pub named Cheers.)

These bars have all become legendary in their own right and deserve to be celebrated. They’re the kinds of places you wish existed, just so you could have a drink, enjoy the ambiance and ask Sam to play it again.

Ladies and gentlemen, raise a glass to the 10 most stylish fictional bars of all time...

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