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After graduating from the University of Virginia with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Quentin Washington has had a wealth of professional experience in technology and design. Having started his professional career in aircraft carrier design and software development, Quentin found gratification in contributing to the successful deployment of three of the Nation's Aircraft Carriers. Quentin's passion for design encouraged a natural transition into the world of fashion.  

Fashion has always been an appreciated art form for Quentin and in 2008 he started his blog Avenue Swank, which is focused on Fashion, Politics and Pop Culture; the essentials of a lifestyle periodical for the distinguished man. Quentin is also a founding partner and Sr. Fashion Editor for KENTON magazine, a leading global online magazine.

Quentin continues to cultivate his craft in writing, creative direction and styling for his own publications and as a freelance contributor.

Mechanical engineer, creative technologist, fashion enthusiast and writer.

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Quentin Washington

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